Saturday, October 8, 2011

Roasted Tomato and Garlic Sauce

Lots of recipes for homemade tomato sauce ask you to boil the tomatoes then peel the skins. I don't get why. This way is much more flavorful and easier too. I just set the oven to 350 degrees then oiled a pan with olive oil. Then I cut up chunks of tomatoes from the garden and peeled 6 cloves of garlic and threw it all on the pan. Sprinkled with sugar and salt. Then let it sit in the oven for an hour. Took them out and strained out all the excess water, blended it all with some fresh basil and parm.

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  1. Is that you in the background with no guests at the table? I want to come for dinner if this is what you're serving. Yum!!