Friday, October 28, 2011

Craft In America

Since the husband and I got rid of our TV we have been using the awesome PBS website to watch some of our favorite shows. We recently just finished the Craft In America series. I am blown away by it. I want to watch it all over again right now! The stories, themes, craftsmen and artwork are beautiful and honest.

I am so excited to see what my husband will do with all of the skills he is obtaining as a welder. I know he is excited too. I would love to learn more about working with wood. I am thinking of taking a local wood turning class. Something about having the skills to create such a tangible, yet beautifully made, object really appeals to me. I enjoy making paintings to hang on the wall. To have an object that you have made that you can use everyday, like a bicycle a teapot or wooden bowl, is really something special though. When you live in a world where everything is mass produced I think you can really feel the soul and spirit of a handmade thing when you encounter it.

Bowl made by Phillip Moulthrop

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