Saturday, March 17, 2012

That's Bananas!

There is a cute, new, little market near the bike shop where Husband works. Yesterday he and his boss found a few boxes in the dumpster filled with perfectly good apples, lemons and ripe bananas. So of course being the resourceful beings they are, they split up the goods and brought them home.
If a small market like that is throwing out all this good food it bothers me a bit to think of all the good food that is probably being thrown out on a daily basis at larger grocery stores.
Dumpster Diving anyone?!
I had all these ripe bananas and of course I decided to make bread. Little did I know that I would make THE BEST BANANA BREAD OF MY LIFE!
I have never been that crazy about banana bread until now. Until, America's test kitchen MADE ME CRAZY about banana bread.
I can't stop eating it.
Really, it's a problem.

Now what to do with a shit-ton of lemons....

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  1. when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.... or lemon meringue pie, cutie pie!